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Leading publishers. Independent content providers. Bloggers. In a digital age, every content creator, large and small, faces similar challenges … it’s just a matter of scale!

If you publish original articles and digital content online, iCopyright will help you protect and promote it. For popular, remarkable content we’ll help you monetize it. We invite you to learn more about how iCopyright’s online copyright system can make giving permission to republish and reuse your content both automatic and seamless.

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What People Say About iCopyright:

“We know our content on the web is scraped and repurposed every day, but with iCopyright we make it very easy for readers to “do the right thing” and obtain copies that are true to the original, honor our branding, and respect our copyrights.  Every publisher of web content should use this service!  -Heather Davis, V.P., Licensing, Investor’s Business Daily

“The team at iCopyright has built an amazing suite of content licensing services—and it just keeps getting better”.  -Maureen Cannon, Director of Content Resale, Advanstar Communications

“As Canada’s most-read newspaper website, The Globe and Mail is very selective about our partners. iCopyright has always been responsive to our needs and has consistently exceeded our expectations”.  -Marilyn Hertz, Manager, Licensing & Syndication, Digital Media,The Globe and Mail

“iCopyright integrates seamlessly and almost instantly on Dow Jones Reprint Portal, adding potentially hundreds of publishers’ titles at little or no cost to implement. When we added Smart Money, we created a process that pulls article content from Factiva’s deep archives, affording reprint and permission services across content from several years. That process can be replicated for any title available in Factiva”.  -John Yates, Senior Director, Dow Jones Reprint Solutions

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