Protect Copyright Online, Syndicate Content - and More - with Award Winning Publisher Tools

Put iCopyright’s award winning technology to work for your online content. 

The iCopyright Toolbar and the features it enables have been time-tested and refined over more than a decade.  It is used by some of the world’s leading publishers to generate revenue via self-service licensing of valuable, branded content.

A Better Way to Protect Copyright Online

iCopyright’s Toolbar puts your copyrighted content in the center of a virtuous circle of content promotion, protection, and profit … while providing your readers with intuitive ways to instantly obtain reuse permissions and licenses according to the rules you establish.

iCopyright lets your readers instantly and easily interact with your content, and creates multiple new revenue streams … with just a few clicks.

We call it the Virtuous Circle for Content Monetization.  You’ll just call it a smarter way to license and syndicate content.

The Virtuous Circle for Publishers

Here’s how the Virtuous Circle works:

1. Profit

  • With the iCopyright Toolbar, readers instantly obtain reuse permissions and licenses according to the rules you establish … from advertiser-supported free uses to  revenue-generating instant and custom licensing options.
  • Advanced publisher tools like Price Optimizer help you to optimize pricing and increase revenue.
  • The iCopyright Toolbar and Conductor console make the billing and fulfillment of licensed content, and management of custom reprints and e-prints, seamless.
  • iCopyright even provides corporate users with a one-click permissions and licensing system

2. Promote

  • iCopyright’s Get Syndication service enables publishers to syndicate content to blogs and other publisher websites on a revenue-sharing basis.
  • iCopyright’s Clip&Copy service opens up new outlets for your content by marketing your licensable content to companies and individuals who monitor blogs and websites for content they can reuse to promote their businesses

3. Protect

  • To close the loop, iCopyright’s  Interactive Copyright Notice educates users about the principles of copyright online, and when a license is required.
  • The iCopyright Toolbar ensures that your branding, copyright notice, and links to your website remain with licensed content when users share or reuse it.
  • Our Discovery™ service finds unauthorized uses of your content and provides you with tools to convert infringers to licensees or take appropriate steps to remedy infringements.
  • Our EZ Excerpt service encourages folks about to copy/paste from your site to consider buying a license.

Install the iCopyright Toolbar Today.

Implementation is simple. Publishers whose sites are powered by Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress can deploy iCopyright in under a minute using our plugin. If you use a different content management system, simply click the  button atop our website to get a piece of javascript to paste into your site.

Business rules can be adjusted to your specific needs quickly and can be updated and revised at any time

Best of all, deploying iCopyright is free. There is no cost to install the plugin. No monthly fees. The lion’s share of the revenue you generate from licenses is yours to keep!  (Details are in the Terms of Use, Schedule B.)

A Profit-Generating Dashboard, at Your Fingertips

Publishers have immediate access to iCopyright Conductor, a dashboard where you set up and manage your branding, business rules, advertising network, and advanced publisher tools, like Price Optimizer.

Conductor includes robust transaction and licensing reports and is your portal to iCopyright Discovery, our exclusive content monitoring and infringement detection service.

Learn more about these services.

15-minute video introduction to iCopyright.

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