Prevent Copyright Infringement and Duplicate Content, and Much More

Has your work ever been used without your permission, attribution, or proper links?

  • While some unauthorized uses of your work may be fair use, it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place to prevent copyright infringement.
  • The iCopyright Toolbar gives readers options to copy and share your work legally, with just a few clicks.

Is monetization of your blog your interest?  We have tools for that too.

Copyright Protection for Bloggers: The Best Offense is a Good Defense!

Installing the iCopyright toolbar enables a range of powerful benefits in a single step.

Content protection: the simple installation of the iCopyright toolbar enables a visible copyright notice, a way to track down copyright infringement, and a way to  allow reuse of smaller portions of content, according to terms you set.

  • iCopyright‘s visible and interactive toolbar gives the well-meaning reader easy options for sharing your content, and reminds them to respect your copyright
  • In our experience, when you remind your readers to respect copyright and give them the right tools, copyright infringement is minimized.

Content promotion and monetization: installing the toolbar makes your content eligible for our syndication and republishing network.

  • rmakes your content broadly available, and grows your reach and potential for profit via republishing.
  • with the toolbar on your site,  your content is available for licensed reuse, instantly right on your site, according to terms you set .

When it comes to monetization, we have you covered two ways - licenced reuse, or free ad supported monetization, via . 

The iCopyright Toolbar: ONE Tool For Your Content Protection and Monetization Needs

Some of the world’s largest publishers trust our visible and interactive toolbar for this range of digital content features … and now it’s available to you.

  • iCopyright’s online copyright system makes giving permission to republish and reuse your content both automatic and seamless.
  • When you add our toolbar to your website or blog, instantly, your readers get lots of options to copy and share your work legally.
  • You get powerful built-in digital copyright protection, ensuring that proper attribution and links follow your licensed content across the web.

Best of all, you get a suite of interactive tools that enable monetization of your content, including repubHub, icopyright’s new republishing and syndication portal for content marketers.

How to Get the Toolbar:

The iCopyright Toolbar installs instantly to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites using our special plugins … and if you use some just paste our javascript to your site.

Default settings are applied to your content as soon as you activate the iCopyright Toolbar. You can adjust your terms in the user-friendly Conductor console at any time.

Simply to add the iCopyright Toolbar to your blog.

Discovery™ Monitoring and Duplicate Content Detection: The Highest Level of Protection

You’re in the business of content creation and promotion, not copyright enforcement!

But the truth is, if your content is admired by others, it will sometimes be copied on other sites and blogs.  And, your RSS feed may be scraped by bots that use your content for purposes you never intended.

  • When content thieves copy or scrape your original content, it results in duplicate content.
  • Search engines may end up ranking this duplicate content higher than yours.  Besides making you mad, this can devalue the time and money you’ve invested in SEO.
  • To protect your work and search results, we offer Discovery … a premium upgrade from the FREE basic iCopyright service.

Discovery automatically tracks down copies of your content posted elsewhere on the web, offering continuous detection of duplicate content and copyright infringement.

Protect what matters! Learn more, and try Discovery free for 30 days!

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