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ONE Tool For All Your Digital

Copyright Challenges,

and Syndicated Content Opportunities.

iCopyright’s online copyright system makes giving permission to republish and reuse your content both automatic and seamless.

When you add our toolbar to your website or blog, instantly, your readers get lots of options to copy and share your work legally.

  • You get powerful built-in digital copyright protection, ensuring that proper attribution and links follow your licensed content across the web.
  • You also get a suite of interactive tools that enable monetization of your content, including repubHub, iCopyright’s newest republishing and syndication portal for content marketers.

iCopyright’s powerful content protection, licensing and syndication toolbar has repeatedly won some of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

Sound good?  Read on.

The iCopyright Toolbar: It All Starts Here!

When you install and activate the iCopyright Toolbar, interactive tools will appear at the top of each article or blog post, where readers can’t miss them.

The toolbar offers 6 different content licensing and sharing options, accommodating ALL the ways readers might want to interact with your content.

  • Readers can print, email a copy, republish a full article, clip a paragraph, use an excerpt, even share to social sites.
  • The toolbar can be used alone, or added to the social sharing icons you already display, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In.
  • When clicked, the toolbar links to your Terms of Use, and educates users about fair use and the importance of digital copyright
  • Proper attribution and links follow your licensed content across the web.   Your brand and your copyright notice, plus a license and links to your website, remain with your content-wherever it goes.

Best of all, your visible and interactive toolbar signals that you care about digital copyright, and reminds your readers that they should, too.

Syndicated Content: Increase Profit, and Extend Your Reach, with repubHub

Our syndication network, repubHub, opens up new ways to promote and profit from content, by syndicating your digital content to others, as well by obtaining third-party republishable content for your own site.

  • With iCopyright’s repubHub service, you can offer feeds of your own digital content to other publishers, bloggers and websites, and earn new revenue for each page view.
  • Similarly, you can obtain republishable content from other publishers in the iCopyright network, to supplement your own original content and extend your content curation efforts.
  • Through syndication, you keep control over your brand and have the potential to extend the reach of your digital content.

Added Copyright Protection:  The Interactive Digital Copyright Notice

The iCopyright plugin adds a second important layer of copyright protection:  an interactive digital copyright notice that appears at the end of each blog post or article.

  • The interactive iCopyright Notice gets attention.  It won’t be ignored as a simple copyright symbol (©) almost always is.
  • With just a few clicks, readers gain permission to reuse your work — for free or for a fee — under terms that you establish.
  •  With EZ Excerpt, readers who want to copy and paste get to decide whether their intended use is a “fair use,” where they can proceed for free, or if paid licensing options better fit their situation.

With iCopyright, readers get an easy way to share your content while respecting your copyright, with links back to your site.

Digital Content Licensing Options

iCopyright makes it easy to license your content for commercial purposes.  With iCopyright’s licensing tools:

  • Readers are offered a wide range of reuse permissions and licensing options, according to terms you specify:  for printing, emailing, posting, and republishing.
  • Each licensed article or excerpt contains your intelligent iCopyright notice – an embedded attribution that follows your articles, wherever they travel on the web.


Readers can print multiple copies of an article, or order customized reprints, with our user-friendly reprint service.

iCopyright handles the details for reprint sales and permissions, fulfills all the requests, and reports them to you on your Conductor console.

The iCopyright Toolbar:  Customizable and Easy to Use

iCopyright is easy to use and easy to activate.  Simply install our FREE plugin to your Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress website … or if you use some simply paste a few lines of javascript to your site.

The iCopyright Toolbar is customizable, so you  can adjust the features and services  based on your specific online goals  without any technical expertise.

All of your iCopyright services are managed from a user-friendly dashboard called Conductor, providing complete control over your settings.

Premium iCopyright Service:  Discovery

iCopyright’s powerful Discovery content monitoring and infringement detection service automatically locates duplicate content on the web, and gives you a flexible remedy process to resolve infringements.    

Discovery can be activated via your iCopyright Conductor console once the Toolbar is installed.  Try Discovery Monitoring & Infringement Detection Service FREE for 30 Days!


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