Publisher Content Services

iCopyright’s Toolbar enables your copyrighted content to be licensed, syndicated, shared, promoted, and tracked. Content can also be sourced from other publishers for republishing on your site.

The secret is the “iCopyright Tag:” a fragment of meta data embedded within each article and rendered as a series of links, and an intelligent, interactive copyright notice. Together, these tools and tags enable iCopyright’s Virtuous Circle for Content Monetization.

Key features of iCopyright’s Virtuous Circle of content services:

  • Offers permissions and licenses at the user’s point of contact with the content.
  • Offers permissions and licenses when users get the content through aggregators, republishers, and other users, creating a self-perpetuating copyright licensing system.
  • Enables publishers to syndicate their content efficiently to blogs and publisher websites on a revenue-sharing basis.
  • Provides advertising-supported free uses for limited printing, emailing and posting by users.
  • Sells and delivers reprints, email forwarding, posting and republication rights.
  • Educates users about the principles of copyright and fair use and when a license is required.
  • Ensures that the publisher’s branding, copyright notice and links to the publisher’s website remain with the content when users share or repurpose it.
  • Finds unauthorized uses of the content and converts infringers to licensees.
  • Markets the publisher’s content to new readers via iCopyright’s Clip&Copy service.
  • Provides corporate users with one-click permissions ad licensing system through which employees can bill their company to copy or repurpose the publisher’s content.
  • Integrates with the publisher’s reprint vendor and other partners to provide leads and more opportunities for revenue.

iCopyright Conductor Console

Did you know you have a separate administrator console outside of your CMS admin that allows you to control the many features offered by iCopyright? You can modify how the iCopyright article tools appear on your web site, determine which services to offer, what to charge for reuse licensing, and other things. To change prices, [...]

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