Online Content: The Democratization of Writing

Much has been said about how the internet makes it wonderfully easier for individuals to become published authors of online content.

In this regard, the below article, republished via repubHub with permission of Lakefield Herald, struck a chord.

The website “posts a new short story, novel excerpt or poem each day…Our focus is on works of fiction or poetry that can be enjoyed during a 20-30 minute public-transit commute to work.”

What a great idea, both for authors and readers.  I checked out the site, and read a delightful short story by Nancy Boyce, the author referenced in the below article.

Now, publishes lots of great content that other sites would probably be happy to republish.  And, it looks like uses WordPress to publish their site.  That makes this site a great fit for iCopyright’s WordPress plugin.

In 60 seconds  could install the iCopyright WordPress plugin, which enables the republication and monetization of all those articles and authors in so many ways.

In fact, any online independent authors and writers and publisher looking to develop a following could do this.

Just sayin’…

PS:  Invitation to try repubHub 

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