5 Ways to Build Your Online Presence With OPC (Other People’s Content)

It can be tough to publish new content on a consistent schedule for your blog and other online marketing projects.

To get more bang for your content marketing buck, let’s borrow a well-known concept from the world of finance: leverage.

One way to increase our return, when it comes to investing, is by using ”other people’s money” - OPM. Mortgages, buying securities on margin, and other forms of borrowing are all ways to do this.

Can we use the concept of leverage in content marketing? Definitely!

Leverage Your Online Presence With OPC (Other People’s Content):

Content marketing typically begins with original content we create on a consistent schedule, to engage a community on our own platform or content “HUB’, i.e. our blog or online publication.  This original content becomes the basis of a thought leadership “brand.”

How can we use Other People’s Content, to build on this, and leverage our online reach?

1. Curation Leverage:

With a content curation strategy, we can build on OPC in our niche … and then by adding CONTEXT and reinterpreting the original thru our unique lens, create fresh content to distribute.  Whether we excerpt, summarize, or add a fresh twist to a topic by aggregating snippets of social content, the power of curation is undeniable.

By creating new content that builds on OPC, we generate more conversation, engagement and relationships, and reach.

Note: Permission and attribution for using OPC should always be obtained unless you are certain that your use falls within fair use guidelines

2. Republishing Leverage

With a republishing strategy, we reuse entire articles instead of excerpts or summaries — i.e., republish a complete article in its original form, sharing it intact for our community to read. This provides a different form of value and thought leadership to our audience.

Unlike posting a link, people don’t have to leave our site to read it, and they get the benefit of the original, AND our context added adjacent to the original.  On the flip side of the coin, when we provide our own content for republishing, we increase our brand visibility, content reach, and monetization opportunities.

Republishing is made easier with tools like repubHub, which secures the needed permissions for content reuse, and makes the licensing process seamless for both content curators and content creators.

3. Collaborative Leverage

With a collaborative strategy, we can take advantage of, opportunities to present our thought leadership on other sites, and reach an entirely new audience to increase brand visibility and content reach.

Note that we are not talking about an indiscriminate guest posting strategy here, but rather ,contributing content to high quality publications in our niche.

4. Social Curation Leverage

With a social curation strategy, sharing curated links is another way to build reputation, engagement and reach. Filtering the fire hose of content in our niche and reducing it to a stream of carefully curated content provides benefits to our community of followers and motivates their loyalty and advocacy.

5. Syndication Leverage

A content syndication strategy is another way to build reach and monetize your original content at scale.  Making your original content available for republishing and discovery using a syndication network will get it seen by more people, and leverage its impact.

Of course, reusing OPC has to be done properly and fairly. Legally and ethically, we must give credit to others when we use either their content or their ideas.

What other strategies are you using to add leverage to your content marketing mix?

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